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A dedicated team of financial experts will handle your bookkeeping. We’ll close your books every month so you will always have timely financial information on hand to make informed business decisions. We can also manage your AR and AP process.

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DCC Accounting exists because we are inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of small business owners, individuals who choose their independence and passionately guide their own success.

We take great pride in offering turnkey bookkeeping services, payroll services and management consulting that bring peace of mind and the financial independence that help a small business thrive.

At DCC Accounting, we empower your entrepreneurial journey.

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DCC Accounting is a family-owned and operated accounting and management consulting firm. We offer 50 years of collective financial services expertise serving as an optimal partner to small business owners and large companies, ranging from local retail stores to telecommunications conglomerates.

We are a trusted accounting advisor and bookkeeping solution, ensuring small or large company finances are always in tip top shape for informed final decisions, and take the worry out of regulatory compliance.

At DCC Accounting, we understand that part of the success of a small business is making informed financial decisions. As your outsourced accounting solution, we manage your data entry, account receivables and account payables, with monthly—even daily—access to simplified financial statements guided by our experienced team. These services give entrepreneurs the independence to focus on what inspires them, while ensuring accuracy and timeliness of back office accounting functions.

While there are different companies offering outsourced bookkeeping and payroll services, DCC Accounting offers a personalized approach to your small business ensuring peace of mind throughout the relationship. Our onboarding process includes three simplified components: Systems, Processes and Management. When we begin working with a client, we either implement all the components or revamp some and fully implement others. By following this roadmap, we offer small business owners the flexibility about the Systems they use, implement Processes relative to their daily operations and offer Management expertise to ensure everything is working to support an entrepreneur’s business goals.

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