Understanding the differences between hiring an employee or an independent contractor

Your business is growing and it’s time to expand your team In order to scale your product or service, you likely need to multiply the output or diversify your mix Maybe you [...]

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Pastry Chef Carlo Raciti Followed His Heart To Create His Successful Gourmet Bakery

February is all about heart! Love, friendships and all things goodness brings us to this month’s client spotlight Pastry Chef Carlo Raciti, a 3rd generation Sicilian [...]

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6 Tips To Get Your Bookkeeping Ready For Tax Season

Tax filing season is here, and that means tracking down a lot of information It may feel overwhelming, so here are six tips to simplify the process This is especially [...]

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How Daniel Benoudiz, Founder of Small Tea Fulfills Its Entrepreneurial Pursuits One Cup at a Time

Did you know that January is Hot Tea Month  We sat down with Daniel Benoudiz, founder of Small Tea in Coral Gables, Florida Sipping some of his favorite teas from all [...]

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